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Why Nelly&Co?

At Nelly&Co doing what is best for you and your dog takes number 1 priority. Like people, dogs are all different and we have to take into account what methods, tools and techniques suit you both best. We want dog training to be essential for every dog no matter what breed, age or temperament, not only for its benefits and safety but because it's FUN! We hope to show you just how to make that happen.

All About Me!

By now you might be wondering 'who is Nelly?', well, Nelly is the dog who kickstarted my passion for dog training. My name is Robyn and since I can remember dog's have been the best thing in the world in my eyes!

In 2014 I got Nelly; a border collie cross miniature poodle, a live wire and by just over a year and a half, a Reactive dog. Not exactly what I expected but learning how to deal with her reactivity is what kept me hooked and wanting to learn more about dogs. Fast forward a few years and now 95% of the time you wouldn't even know there was an issue. I learnt through all this time how much of the training was less of Nelly learning but more me learning how to teach Nelly. The reality is that there is no quick fix, a well trained dog requires dedication and a good relationship between both of you.

Qualifications + Extras

  • I was Obedience training from the age of 13

  • Studied Level 3 animal care at Writtle college 

  • Went on to study a Level 2 Canine care, training and management course

  • Currently in the middle of a Level 4 Canine behaviour diploma and going on to Dog Law

  • As well as working in Boarding kennels for 4 years, handling a variety of dog breeds

  • Plus I still take Nelly to her obedience training classes she has gone to every Tuesday since she was 12 weeks old!


I am constantly looking for new ideas and researching about dogs, trying out new training methods and taking every opportunity to waffle on about how amazing our dogs can be!

I hope to help as many dogs and dog owners as I can- Robyn@Nelly&Co x 



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